When farming with Tower Garden® aeroponic technology, we use a proprietary water soluble ionic mineral solution called “Aeroponic Power-Gro®”. Only the purest earth minerals are used thus allowing us to deliver all necessary & essential nutrients straight to the roots, resulting in a healthier plant growth and a superior crop yield. Furthermore, contrary to fertilizers used in conventional farming and gardening featuring ammoniacal nitrogen, Aeroponic Power-Gro® is made with nitrate nitrogen.

Beyond Organic

Although 100% natural, minerals cannot be classified as “organic” from a chemistry’s perspective. However, like with organic farming, our aeroponic technology produces vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers grown without pesticides nor chemicals! We refer to our crop as “Beyond Organic” since our aeroponic technology uses up to 95% less water than conventional farming while requiring 75% to 90% less space! Our 100% natural agricultural approach ranks amongst one of the most eco-friendly food production systems!

Higher Nutrient Content

We invite you to read the extensive pharmaceutical laboratory nutrients comparative study published below. It gives the irrefutable scientific proof that whether referring to essential nutrients, flavonoids, or antioxidants, our crop ranks between 15% to 65% higher than anything grown in the soil using conventional farming methods.

Ammoniacal Nitrogen vs. Nitrate Nitrogen

Ammoniacal Nitrogen is used in commercial farming to create an ‘explosive growth effect’. Although it does a great job in terms of forcing nature to grow bigger and faster, it weakens the cell structure of the plants. This makes them more prone to pests & diseases while  producing an inferior crop in terms of nutrient values and flavor qualities. This is why instead of using ammoniacal nitrogen, we use nitrate nitrogen which is the purest and most effective way to produce a healthy crop featuring high nutritional qualities.